Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Sidewall Conveyor Belt Supplier in India

What is Sidewall Conveyor Belt?

The belt used for horizontal, sloping or vertical conveyance and which is one of the most effective ways of elevating materials in a confined space is known as Sidewall conveyor belt. The economy is achieved by single belt operation, wide range material can be handled, less space and requires, no transfer point, low maintenance and big capacity.

Why Our Sidewall Conveyor Belt?

We are a well renowned and the most popular enterprises in providing world class Sidewall Conveyor Belts. Offering an optimum quality assortment ranges in various sizes and shapes to meet the diverse requirement, which have been designed to cater to various industrial needs. The product offered by us in protecting the material from friction by solid cleats mounted on the steep angle conveyor belt. Moreover, these belts are designed with two ridged sidewalls that are molded to the cross-rigid base belt. We are following severe quality parameters in manufacturing of these belts to ensure the desired quality and vigorous performance.

Features of Sidewall Conveyor Belt :

  • Energy efficiency
  • Long-term durability
  • Reliability
  • Easy inclination
  • Curve conveying
  • Numerous sizes

Applications of Sidewall Conveyor Belt

Cement, mining, quarry, wood, paper and pulp, recycling, steel industries.

Technical Specification
Brand Name Pashupati Rubtech Pvt Ltd.
Product Name Sidewall Conveyor Belt
Thickness of top cover rubber 3-6mm
Thickness of bottom cover rubber 1.5-4.5mm.
Heat Resistant 100°C

Note: The technical specifications above are just for your reference. If there is any change, overall dimension are subject to operating instructions. Any questions please feel free to contact us.

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